If You Have These 9 Thoughts About Your Relationship, It’s Probably A Healthy One

One of the most powerful relationship skills you can have is knowing what a healthy relationship looks and feels like. Most people know what hasn’t worked for them, but have a hard time defining and feeling confident picking a healthy relationship. This is especially tricky because we know that healthy relationships are not “perfect” relationships! 


Dr. Judith Wallerstein did some fantastic research about the commonalities of healthy relationships. She was the first researcher to ask what healthy relationships actually felt like to the people in them. Her primary finding was that a healthy relationship feels like a unique, co-created world that the two partners share. Every “world” is different, but this qualitative presence exists in all of the healthy relationships she studied. 


How do you know if you’re in a relationship that has this quality, even when it’s hard? Or if you’re beginning a relationship that...

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What Does a Committed Relationship Look Like? 

A committed relationship’s most important quality is its uniqueness! The bond between two different people is the beating heart of the relationship: what makes it a living, breathing, exciting entity unlike any other. 


However, there are standard, tried and true components that go into the formation of a committed relationship and allow the differences of two people to remain connected through time. 


A committed relationship looks like a square, with four dependable sides that you should be able to name and define.


Like every square has four sides, the “frame” of a committed relationship is the boundary within which the creativity and dynamism of the relationship can occur. Without the frame, the relationship could not exist over time, because it would not have any shape or form. The heart of the relationship would simply bleed out into a dysfunctional non-shape! 


I’ll share with you a parallel frame to give you a...

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