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Psychotherapy is a relationship and process for the purpose of healing and learning constructive paths to deal with difficulties in your life.  Psychotherapy can be utilized for a variety of reasons, including a stressful period or change in one’s life, relationship issues, work issues, anxiety, depression, compulsive behaviors, spiritual concerns, and many others. 

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

KAP utilizes Ketamine to assist in the process of psychotherapy by providing greater access to our subconscious and unconscious mind. Ketamine can temporarily soften the patterns of our habitual thinking and deeply embedded beliefs, which allow us to find novel solutions and perspectives to old problems. Ketamine also assists in the processing of trauma. 


Psychoanalysis utilizes a more intensive therapeutic relationship, meeting more frequently, to foster a close collaborative relationship between the therapist and patient.  It is an intensive treatment modality which allows the patient to become aware of the underlying sources of his or her difficulties.  Many people find great reward in psychoanalysis when the benefits of logical understanding, will power, or well meaning advice fails to address a satisfying level of change.  

Training & Supervision

Dr. Elisha offers training seminars for medical doctors and other health care professionals related to mind/body issues, eating disorders, substance abuse, addictions and compulsions, and psychoanalytic treatment.  Dr. Elisha also offers seminars or talks to the general public in related areas of concern, including weight issues, the psychology of body and food concerns, and attachment issues.  Dr. Elisha is also available for private consultation and supervision for mental health care providers.

Online Education

Dr. Elisha offers online education courses for those wishing to create healthy relationships as a priority in their lives. These courses are based on an attachment and psychoanalytic-based understanding of what composes secure attachments. Individuals are guided through assessing their attachment history, attachment style, unconscious belief systems, and guided in how to rewire those belief systems and identify the behaviors that create secure bonds.

Professional Specialties

Dr. Elisha has extensive clinical experience in the following areas:
•    Body Image and Disordered Eating
•    Anxiety Disorders
•    Addictive Patterns and Substance Abuse
•    Spirituality and Mental Health
•    Mind-body relationship
•    Attachment and Relationship Issues including adoption, marital issues, and intimacy.
•    Depression and Mood Disorders
•    Compulsive Disorders
•    Characterological Disorders

Find Out If Psychotherapy Is Right For You

While my educational courses are aimed to provide you with knowledge, skill and clarity, Psychotherapy is a personal relationship to guide you through the nuance and subtly of self understanding


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