Connect your Consciousness to your Unconscious Mind and equip yourself to travel the land of love with confidence, clarity, wisdom and skill.


Love Thy Self Course

Prepare yourself to succeed in love!  Become the kind of extraordinary partner you would love to be with. This course covers dealing with emotions, approaching past trauma, addictions, identity, self confidence, and replacing shame or judgment with self responsibility. 


The Dating Course

Would you like to date with real skill and discernment? Why not date with the guidance of a psychologist with decades of study and clinical practice in the science of bonding. Learn the real guidelines for dating, choosing, committing (or not), communicating, the magic of attunement, emotional boundaries, sexual boundaries, and real dealbreakers!


The Commitment & Marriage Course

 In this course you will gain the mastery and confidence to know how to build and maintain an always-evolving, secure, vibrant bond. We cover simple, effective practices that strengthen ANY bond, rules for fighting fairly, what a secure bond feels like, and how to turn any fight into a chance to create a more secure bond.


The Emotional Manipulation and Abuse Course

Emotional Manipulation and Abuse cause enormous harm. Yet most people don't truly understand how to identify this behavior clearly. I'll teach you how to identify these behaviors and what to do if you're in an abusive relationship -- and how to heal after you've left one. 


Do you want it all?!

Relationships ReWired MASTERCLASS covers ALL of the smaller courses PLUS other bonus material: parenting, friendship, embodiment, the shame game and more! 


The Shame Course

Shame is the ultimate emotional toxin. Shame is like a cancer that inhibits other emotional growth, understanding and perspective. Shame is like a cloud that moves in and obscures your ability to see clearly -- in order to grow and be the person you want to be, you need to get out of the shame game! Let's learn how!

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The Embodiment Course

Em-body is to be in one's body. The side-effects of embodiment include: decreased depression, decreased anxiety, increased self confidence, a lack of body dysmorphia, having enough time, enjoying your life, feeling confident emotionally, decreased risk of harm, decreased urges for compulsive or addictive behavior, eating in attune with your bodily needs, better sleep, and comfort in your own skin. Sounds good, right?!

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Relationship As Spiritual Path Course

Relationship is where what is unconscious within you is reflected back at you through your partner, a complex but often useful path for growth and development. Learn how to understand your relationship as a spiritual path

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