The Marriage and Commitment Course

Strengthen your relationship for the long haul

Learn from licensed psychologist and psychoanalyst:

Perrin Elisha, Ph.D.

Psychologist, author and founder of Depth Therapy and Relationships ReWired



Discover the science-based, heart-centered Relationship Map that takes you from loneliness, heartbreak, fear or divorce... to the confidence and clarity to succeed in love.

Sound Familiar?

I know you want to feel clear and confident navigating the multidimensional, complex world of a long term commitment.  

We all want AND NEED what scientists call a SECURE BOND. 

But who taught you how to behave with one person, over time, to actually create that treasure chest of wealth called a SECURE BOND?  

Chances are, you have poor to mediocre or perhaps vague role models about how to navigate the long-term course of love!

Partners who are truly gratified over decades together know things that you were not taught in school!  That's why I created this online school for real adults.  

Here's The Great News

I can teach you EASY, DAILY PRACTICES that replace mindlessness with treasures for your treasure chest.

Think about it, relationships are the most important and likely most complex area of life and yet we receive NO education about how they work or how to prepare for one.

But here’s the really great news. Once you discover the science-based principles of bonding, then you can approach relationships with a real map. 

With this new map, you’ll no longer be wandering aimlessly around in the dark; and you can go forward with the peace that you know what will strengthen your bond, and simple behaviors to avoid that inadvertently diminish your bond!

That’s why I created The Marriage and Commitment Course, the first online, experiential course that will guide you through fighting fairly, sharing your wounds with grace, using any rupture as a chance to strengthen your love, how to avoid your own potential to skew your perceptions (confirmation bias).

My promise to you is that you will get the clarity and confidence to navigate your long term love with grace, skill and wisdom. 

By the end of this course, you will feel confident in knowing that you can have a life in which solid, secure, creative relationships are the foundation and in abundance. 

In this program you will: 

  • Develop the skills to manage your own emotional life, replacing confusion, shame, guilt and fear with understanding, responsibility and compassion
  • Discover how to clarify and strengthen your identity and self respect.
  • Discover an approach to the masculine and feminine principles in any relationship
  • Understand what you need to know about Attachment Theory, your attachment style, and how to use an understanding of attachment style to manage dating and loving.
  • How to transform your past from an obstacle into a doorway to your ultimate relationship future

Here's What You'll Learn

In this course you will develop your Relationship Map, like a map with topographic layers.

You will lay the foundation with the research-based principles that govern emotional life and bonding.

You will layer your individual history, needs and dreams onto this map in a way that is personal to you and to the person you choose to connect with.

This map allows for you to heal what needs to be healed and enter into a bond that is set up to succeed!

Module 1: Two Minds

We explore the key to deepening a relationship into a long term, sturdy partnership. Moving from a dating relationship to commitment and attachment is a significant step, and many people get stuck or scared here!  Gain mastery and confidence to know when you are ready for this step, and how to do it skillfully.

Here you will learn:

  • Exercises to practice with yourself and/or a partner to strengthen the ability to talk about sensitive subjects
  • The meaning of separations and reunions in partnership and how to handle them wisely
  • The meaning of rupture and repair in partnership and how to honor them appropriately
  • How to share your Sacred Wound and your partner’s Sacred Wound to create a Sacred Bond

Module 6: Two Minds and a Third Entity

In this session, we explore establishing the norms of a secure attachment. As a relationship progresses and deepens, its long term success depends upon the degree to which the norms of a secure attachment are established. We establish these norms in conflict and in times of ease, and thus ensure the ongoing growth along a healthy trajectory.

Here you will learn:

  • What a secure bond feels like
  • How to spot Confirmation bias and your templates skewing your experience
  • Behaviors and exercises to strengthen the security of your bond
  • Rules of Engagement for Marriage or Committed Partnership
  • How conflict and difference can be used to strengthen, not weaken, your relationship

"I was so stuck and angry, and scared that I was repeating patterns... now I am happily married with children! I used to chose unavailable men but learned that I had a longing for closeness that I was actually ashamed of, and the shame about this healthy need was sabotaging my dating life. Doing the careful work of sorting through my attachment history and learning what my unconscious biases were, i was able to transform how I approached dating and build the family I longed for!"

- Linda

Included In The Course

11 Training Videos

Each module for the course has 3-5 short, easy to watch training videos that cover all of the material you need to master the content.

Exercises & Reflection Questions

Each session comes with 1-3 exercises to put your learning into action. These exercises are journaling or personal reflection, exercises to do with a partner or friend, and tracking exercises to strengthen your emotional muscles and insight capacity.

Downloadable Workbook

This workbook will guide you to complete your exercises and personal reflections to ensure that the learning is transformational and personal to you.

Opportunity to Connect 1:1 with Dr. Elisha

If you would benefit from a personal coaching call or video session with Dr. Elisha, you can use this time to get personalized feedback and guidance with any course material.

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The Marriage and Commitment Course

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The Marriage and Commitment Course PLUS

2-Module Online Course

All Course Materials

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55-Minute Private Coaching Call w/ Dr. Elisha


A Personal Message from Dr. Elisha

I have studied emotional wellbeing and the mind-body connection for more than 25 years. When I look back on the turning points in my life and career, each has led me deeper into understanding that our essential nature is as relational creatures. Along my path of study and discovery, I realized that when we understand the principles of loving relationships, we have a map for the complex and multi-dimensional world of relationships!

Many of my patients have said to me: “Why didn’t someone teach me this when I was 20 (or 30”) ?!?"  This course is a response to that sentiment.  

From birth our very existence depends on our ability to attach to caregivers, and throughout life the single largest factor predicting our wellbeing is the quality of our relationships.

Let me teach you how to navigate the world of relationships with intelligence, compassion, responsibility and clarity—starting with a healthy relationship to your self and your past!

"I was lost and lonely in my marriage... now I feel clear and confident about my needs and how to make sure they are met in my relationships! I felt so guilty that I was having an affair, and came to realize that I had entered my marriage with no map of relationship and chose and created a dynamic that possessed none of the qualities of a secure bond. In fact, my marriage was toxic and bad for me. Understanding this, I had the courage to be honest and ask for what I needed. When I realized there was a map for healthy adult relationships, I had the confidence to end my unhealthy marriage and form a healthy bond for the first time! I didn't even know what that was or how good it could feel before!"

- Zach

About Perrin Elisha, Ph.D.

Dr. Elisha  is a psychologist and psychoanalyst – meaning that she has the most in-depth training available –  to treat the whole of a personality, getting to the root of relational difficulties and healing one’s identity.

She has worked for more than two decades in mind-body integration and relational wellness for her patients in private practice: Depth Therapy. Through this work she has distilled a fundamental wisdom about the relational nature that underlies wellbeing and life satisfaction, and has helped thousands of people to heal their past wounds and manifest the future they deserve.

She is the author of The Conscious Body and has taught postgraduate courses for many years throughout Southern California. She currently lives and works in Aspen, Colorado with her family and extended family.

Her deep understanding of how attachment relationships shape our feelings about ourselves, the world, and our expectations about relationships can help YOU excel in intimate relationships.

"After my first serious breakup, and without any romantic history, I knew I was sabotaging myself but couldn't unwind that pattern. Understanding what avoidant attachment was and why I behaved that way was a huge lightbulb! I had some very real trauma to work through to change that pattern, but I gained the confidence to know there is a map for this journey. I was no longer working at odds with myself and was clear about how to choose a partner and establish trust!""

- Penny

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be connecting with Dr. Elisha and the other participants via a video conference call each week. You will have exclusive access to the course website which houses all of the materials in the course including training videos, workbooks, recordings of the group calls, documents, templates, PDfs, etc. This will be a highly engaging, real time experience that you can access and utilize for a lifetime.

No. Just a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

Yes! The material is a great conversation starter and conversation guide for two people working to create or improve a thriving partnership.

This course is not therapy and does not replace therapy; it is transformative education that gives many people the tools they need to do their own self growth work and/or dramatically accelerates any therapeutic process.

The content of the course represents material that is covered in any good psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, attachment-based therapy and gives you the tools to empower you to do vast amounts of healing and growth work. If you have a therapist, this will accentuate and accelerate your work. If you are considering entering therapy, this will immensely help you know what you need in therapy, how to select a competent therapist, and where to begin. If you have already done therapy but still feel stuck in relationship patterns, this course will equip you with the education and mindset needed to continue your own growth and evolution. 

This course is for you if you value connection in your life and want to maximize the quality of connections across all areas of your life. If you feel stuck, or ashamed, or afraid of forming deeper connections, this course is for you. Whether you are starting out on your adult life or reflecting on a lifetime of relationship experience, there is something here for you to learn and grow from. This course is made for singles, couples, married people and divorced people who want to do relationships well!

Out of a deep respect for your privacy we are not utilizing a social media forum to contain this process. Participants will have the option of an assigned partner in the course with whom to share and reflect on your workbook process. We do have a Facebook platform where we will share educational material, updates, useful links and resources. This is not designed for personal processing, as it is not a closed group. We absolutely encourage you to share and practice but also to do so with people whom you have a knowledge of, and therefore do not feel that social media is the best forum for this! The live calls ARE a place to ask questions and for feedback around your process!


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