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RIQ: Grad Gateway


This comprehensive course provides young adults and teens with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of relationships, setting them on a path toward well-being, career success, and enduring happiness.

It is our belief that this material represents a core competency for young adults setting out to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

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Discover the science-based, step-by-step system to develop¬†Relational Intelligence‚ÄĒthe #1 Predictor of health, happiness and success, in college and beyond.

Give Your Teen or Young Adult the Relational Edge with RIQ

As your teen steps into adulthood, equip them with the relational skills to thrive.

RIQ: Grad Gateway is the pioneering online course that empowers high school seniors and college-age young adults to build healthy relationships and face challenges with resilience. 

Backed by Harvard and Stanford research, RIQ unlocks the power of Relational Intelligence‚ÄĒthe top predictor of lifelong wellbeing and success.

Through engaging content and exercises, your teen or young adult will develop: 

  • Effective communication and conflict resolution abilities
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Boundary-setting and relationship-building tools
  • Skills to make wise relationship decisions

This indispensable toolkit prepares your teen for college and beyond.

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Here’s what they’ll learn...

Module 1

Resilient Heart

Build a Healthy Self-Relationship through:

  • Heal your story
  • Attachment theory and flexibility
  • Conquer shame
  • Secure your identity
  • Master a stance towards addictive behaviors

Module 2

Creative Connector

Master Communication through:

  • Listening and expressing skills
  • 2 Points of View: the secret to any conflict
  • When to say "I love you"
  • Social Media Etiquette

Module 3

Modern Romantic

Gain Confidence in Dating through:

  • Building trust
  • Sexual values and boundaries
  • Bonding
  • Respect
  • Communication

Module 4

Indomitable Spirit

Clearly identify and impede emotional abuse or manipulation through:

  • Identifying warning signs¬†and mastering alternatives
  • Understanding their impact
  • Learning strategies for self-protection¬†
  • Emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries and advocating for one's emotional well-being

Included in this course

4 Modules

Each module covers a cornerstone of relational intelligence and is preventative education for relational issues Dr. Elisha sees most commonly in her clinical practice.  

Expert guidance

Benefit from the wisdom of a seasoned relationship expert. For a fraction of the cost of one psychotherapy session, you may avoid the need for emergency clinical services down the road.  

Read, Watch or Listen

Course materials are available in any medium that supports their individual learning style. Listen on the go, watch a video, or read according to your preference. 

Interested in personal coaching? 1-on-1 sessions with Dr. Elisha are available at checkout ‚ěú

About Perrin Elisha, Ph.D.

Dr. Elisha¬†is a psychologist and psychoanalyst ‚Äď meaning that she has the most in-depth training available ‚Äst to treat the whole of a personality, getting to the root of relational difficulties and healing one‚Äôs identity.

She has worked for more than two decades in mind-body integration and relational wellness for her patients in private practice. Through this work she has distilled a fundamental wisdom about the relational nature that underlies wellbeing and life satisfaction, and has helped thousands of people to heal their past wounds and manifest the future they deserve.

She is the author of The Conscious Body and has taught postgraduate courses for many years throughout Southern California. She currently lives and works in Aspen, Colorado with her family and extended family.

Dr. Elisha developed RIQ: Grad Gateway after seeing a recurrence of clinical issues in the adult population that could have been prevented by early adult psycho-education. She envisions a world in which every young adult is equipped to succeed in interpersonal relationships, the cornerstone of mental health and wellbeing. 

Imagine a life where every relationship is fulfilling, enriching and harmonious.

Signing up for RIQ: Grad Gateway will equip your young adult with the tools to turn this dream into reality.

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