A Special Online Event

ReWiring Your Head & Heart
to Succeed
in Love 

with Perrin Elisha, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Author and founder of Depth Therapy and Relationships ReWired

Discover the 3 Science-Based Keys to Activating Your Relationship IQ
to Create Lifelong Bonds that Nourish and Thrive

“Close relationships, more than money or fame, are what keep people happy throughout their lives.”

— The Harvard Study of Adult Development, 2017

Chances are you recognize that the quality of your relationships is a top priority if you want to have a happy, successful life.

Perhaps you know scientifically that the quality of relationship is the number one predictor of your health, happiness, and even wealth throughout your life.

The problem, however, is that you may struggle through painful, heartbreaking relationship cycles without the right tools or roadmap - leading to anger, conflict, despair and alienation, instead of the support and connection you desire.

But you’re not alone.

The reason why you may continue to stay locked in this fruitless struggle is because you’ve received no education HOW to create sustainable, thriving relationships! Most people reach adulthood with at best a vague notion of what a healthy relationship looks like, or more commonly, feel lost, alone and confused when it comes to love and marriage.

Sometimes even close friendships, work relationships and parenting relationships can feel like a field of hidden landmines.

 If you have a sneaking suspicion that healing your own self, finding your life partner, and creating a lifelong partnership is the most important challenge of your life, you are right!  After all, your biological and emotional nature is to relate, connect, and bond!

 Maybe you feel cautious to risk opening your heart to another for fear of failure or heartache.

Yet you cannot afford to not take this risk! 

On the other hand,  taking this risk might be the most rewarding experience of your life if you are equipped with knowledge and skill!


In this special 60-minute event you will learn: 

  • Key 1: How to make sure your past is not the limiting factor in your relational future, but rather the doorway to your greatest potential.   
  • Key 2: The #1 most important internal component that makes you a capable partner in an extraordinary relationship. 
  • Key 3: The primary factor that makes change easy so that you can alter any behavior or pattern without the white knuckle strategy or will-power struggle.
Join me to awaken your Relationship IQ
in this special event.
I will be sharing the foundational education that you  need to feel clear, confident, capable, and ready to open your heart.
Are you ready to activate your Relationship IQ and gain the clarity and confidence to transform your relationship life? 

Register below to join me!


Free to register and attend. We respect your privacy and will never sell or share your personal information.

About Perrin Elisha, Ph.D.

Dr. Elisha  is a psychologist and psychoanalyst – meaning that she has the most in-depth training available –  to treat the whole of a personality, getting to the root of relational difficulties and healing one’s identity.

She has worked for more than two decades in mind-body integration and relational wellness for her patients in private practice: Depth Therapy. Through this work she has distilled a fundamental wisdom about the relational nature that underlies wellbeing and life satisfaction, and has helped thousands of people to heal their past wounds and manifest the future they deserve.

 She is the author of The Conscious Body and has taught postgraduate courses for many years throughout Southern California. She currently lives and works in Aspen, Colorado with her family and extended family.

Her deep understanding of how attachment relationships shape our feelings about ourselves, the world, and our expectations about relationships can help YOU excel in intimate relationships.


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